Costa d'Argento

A jumps at the Argentario

Skydive Costa d'Argento s positioned in a unique place of its kind. The Argentario promontory, surrounded by coves, caves and islets, the Orbetello lagoon and the Tuscan Maremma.
A breathtaking view that you can enjoy at 4200m height.

We are a Skydiving School recognized by ENAC (National Agency for Civil Aviation) and affiliated ASC (Sports Promotion Agency recognized by CONI. Our Center is equipped with the best equipment to make your experience adrenaline and safe at the same time.

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Our team

Our commitment and love for skydiving allow us to fulfill the dream of many young people, young people and men, who wish to experience the thrill of flying at least once in their life.
Donato Giarletta
  • Jumps 4000
  • IP
  • Tandem Sigma e Strong instructor
  • DL
Andrea Bindi
  • Jumps 4000
  • IP
  • Tandem Sigma e Strong instructor
  • DL
Alessandro Serenelli
  • IP Senior
  • AFF instructor
  • DL
  • D-USPA
Maurizio Curia
  • Jumps 4.700
  • Istruttore Paracadutismo
  • DL
  • Istruttore Tandem sistema Strong Enterprise
  • Istruttore Tandem sistema UPT Sigma
Gianluca Castelli
  • Jumps 3400
  • DL
  • Video Flyer
Massimiliano Bibbiani
  • Jumps 1500
  • DL
  • Video Flyer
Manuel Prescendi
  • Jumps 1000
  • Video Flyer
Vincenzo Buscemi
  • Jumps 3500
  • Istruttore tandem Sigma e Strong
  • Istruttore AFF
Bruschetini Francesco
  • Jumps 5000
  • DL
  • JM
  • Pilota Tandem
  • Video Flyer
  • Jumps 1000
  • Video Flyer
Conti Tommaso
  • Jumps 550
  • Video Flyer
  • Video Maker
Saragoni Luca
  • Jumps 14000
  • Pilota Tandem
Ferri Fabrizio
  • Ripiegatore
Siro Scarpini
  • Jumps 3000
  • Video Flyer
Alice Balocchi
  • Responsabile MANIFEST

360° quality

The drop zone is equipped with parking, Free Wi-Fi and possibility of payment by POS device.

In compliance with the "Balduzzi Decree" (Ministerial Decree of 24 April 2013), our facility is equipped with a semi-automatic defibrillator and staff responsible for use with a certificate of participation in the BLS-D course.